Ethernet Adapters

ENA-5031 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
  • Single port
  • 64 bit PCI or 64bit PCI-X 66/100/133MHz
  • Built-in advanced hardware acceleration engines

        ENA-5031 product data (pdf) 

The ENA-5031 is a Gigabit Ethernet Adapter card that can run in 64-bit PCI & 64-bit PCI-X 66/100/133MHz slots. It supports link speeds of 10/100, and 1000Mbps. Its built-in advanced hardware acceleration engines support all Microsoft TCP/IP offload features, resulting in lower host CPU utilization and higher network throughput.


*   Dependable 900+ Mbps performance throughput.

*   Based on Perfisans' ENA1001 Gigabit Ethernet accelerator ASIC with following features:
    -   Half/full duplex in 10/100Mbps, full duplex in 1000Mbps
    -   Backward-compatible with existing 10/100Mbps networks
    -   Hardware task offloading to reduce host CPU utilization
    -   Support large frames up to 8KB
    -   Independent transmit/receive processing queues
    -   Built-in power management capability
    -   Statistic gathering (SNMP, MIB II, and Ethernet MIB)
    -   Full JTAG, MBIST, and scan test provisions

*   Single 10/100/1000Mbps copper interface port

*   Optional fiber interface port for Gigabit Ethernet mode

*   64-bit PCI/PCI-X bus to the host system

*   LED indicators for link activity and status display