Network Component Overview

A rough figure of merit in estimating the required host processor utilization to serve network traffic is approximately 1Hz per bit. About 80% of network processing involves the handling of TCP/IP protocol stack. Therefore, a 1GHz processor would be fully utilized to process the TCP/IP protocol in order to drive a 1Gbps line rate in a traditional method.

The need to offload TCP processing from the host CPU will only become greater as network line rates continue to accelerate faster than the clock rate of microprocessors. To overcome this, Perfisans introduces TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) accelerators that greatly increase performance in Gigabit Ethernets.

ENA-1001 Single-Port TOE Network Accelerator

  • Balanced hardware/firmware TCP/IP offload engine
  • Rich feature sets
  • Cost effective solution

ENA-1001 product data (pdf)